Equipment & Inventory

Service Vehicles


Each of our company owned service trucks are stocked with the most important components our electrical technicians will need to complete your service needs.  Furthermore, some are stocked specifically for their intended market such as commercial or multi-family residential unit markets.  What inventory or material we don't have on these trucks is in stock at our 12.000 sq. ft. facility or available at our electrical supply network in Houston.  What this means is less supply trips once our electrical technicians arrive at your facility.

Boom / Scissor Lifts


We have 12 boom and scissor lift units to serve our customers needs for high lift service requirements.  Our company owned units are ready to go at a moments notice.  The units are primarily utilized in our indoor projects that require high lift needs without using costly scaffolding or large step ladders.  Our technicians utilize safety harness and lanyards to keep them safe at all times.  All of our electrical service technicians are fully trained and certified to operate our lifting equipment. 

Large Bucket / Hoist / Auger Trucks


Our three large Bucket / Hoist / Auger trucks are an asset utilized extensively at Wood Electrical Services, Inc.  If we're not utilizing them for our own projects, our competitors are calling us to have us do work for them.  We have the most unique inventory of trucks by type that are required for the service work we conduct for our customers.  Ask your current electrical service provider if they own or lease their own vehicles.  If they lease, that is more cost to you.

Service & Disconnect Panels


When your circuit breaker or disconnect panel goes down, you need speed and technical expertise to manage your electrical issue.  Along with our highly trained service technicians, we have a large inventory of circuit breaker panels and service disconnects in stock. 

Circuit Breakers


Our large stock of circuit breakers is only matched by our vendors who sell them.  Most of our inventory is the hard-to-find brand name and specialty type circuit breakers our customers use.  Being an electrical service provider, Wood Electrical Services, Inc.'s circuit breaker inventory is unmatched in this category in Houston.

Conduit / Fittings


Having the right spare parts in stock in our service vehicles or in the facility is key to our quick response and no-supply-house trip mentality.  We have conduit and its respective connective components in stock in large quantities.  No project is too big for our inventory.