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Your customers require your services to be available during normal business hours.  When your electrical equipment or systems are down, you need expediency to get back to normal operations.  You cannot depend on a one-person electrical contractor to get your needs taken care of quickly.  Contact Wood Electrical Services, Inc. We'll get you back up and running the same day with our experienced team of electrical technicians.



When your production line goes down, your clients have late deliveries, and you have upset customers.  Wood Electrical Services Inc. has over 46 years of experience in industrial electrical service market.  Whether it is an emergency situation, routine maintenance, or equipment installations / relocations, we will be there to get your electrical issues resolved when it matters most to you and your customers.

Multi-Family Residential


Families need constant power to have a happy home.  When this is absent, your maintenance department may not be able to identify, locate, or troubleshoot the electrical problem.  This is where Wood Electrical Services Inc. outshines its closest competitor.  We have faithfully serviced and supported the Houston area multi-family complexes for the past 46 years.  We know your complex and how to get your electrical service back on so that your residents, remain residents.

Low / Medium / High Voltage


All of our customers have varying voltage demands.  We have vast experience from 12Volts to 7,200 / 12,470Y Volts.  When you need a full service electrical contractor for your demanding service needs or projects, call Wood Electrical Services, Inc.  We have our own equipment, have vastly experienced electrical technicians, and we'll be there for you as we have been for the past 46 years.

Electrical Safety Assessments

Circuit Breaker Burn-Out

Do you know if you're about to have an electrical service outage or worse a fire or arc flash?  There are many tell-tale signs a facility is about ready to have a service interruption, i.e. heat, arcing, corrosion, etc. if you know what to look for.  The above photo was a diverted disaster because we identified a serious problem with our customer's service panel before there was a fire.  Wood Electrical Services, Inc. has the know-how, the best trained technicians, and the proper equipment to conduct a Facility Safety Assessment that will advise you of potential hazards that may cost you more if they fail prematurely.

Equipment Replacement / Relocation


Without question, every commercial, industrial, or multi-family unit has from time to time needed an equipment replacement or relocation because of business needs, efficiency gains, age, disrepair, failure, or electrical code compliance.  Wood Electrical Services has been conducting these types of changes for our customer base for over 46 years.  We have the expertise and technical knowledge to handle your equipment replacement or relocation needs.